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The results shocked the wine world: These were wildly different wines with no real frame of reference. Yet Gravner had loyal counterparts in Friuli and Slovenia who were at least intrigued enough to try and follow. Many came to embrace the notion that leaving white wines on their skins made them more compelling. This included winemakers like Stanislao Radikon; Edi Kante; brothers Giorgio and Nicolo Bensa of La Castellada; and the charismatic Ales Kristancic, whose Movia winery straddles the Friuli-Slovenia border.The process was not unknown in California. At Hanzell Vineyards, for instance, Chardonnay juice was kept on the skins for several hours before being pressed, both to preserve the wine skins contain antioxidants and add texture.

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Slap Me a Saperavi « Good Taste Report

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Serious color. Serious tannins. Serious acidity. Fun for the whole family! Saperavi translates to “dye” or “paint” is a red wine grape that is named for its dark pink flesh and very dark skins. Originally from Georgia, the land that puts this grape on the map along with Rkatsiteli, Mstvane, and Tsolikauri is the Kakheti District of Georgia. In the days of the Soviet Union, Georgian wines were generally thought of as the jeweled crown and it has been said that the land of Georgia Europe’s oldest wine-producing region has been producing wine 7,000 to 9,000 years!Saperavi especially the dry tends to have a barnyard, cinnamon, cigar box, soy-sauced mushroom, gamey-plum thing going on, with a sledge hammer of tannins and a lower PH medium-plus acidity. It can be brilliant for By-The-Glass programs because some will last for days! And with the right amount of serenading to sleep and nightly brushing the bottles “hair”, these wines can age upwards of 50 years, though most fade at 6 – 10 years. The 3 common styles are Saperavi aged 1 year or less, Kindzmarauli aged 2 years, and Stalin’s favorite wine Mukuzani aged 3 years or more. Also seen are Napareuli and Akhasheni. Though, I’m still looking… I’ve never found e

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Sour grapes: Georgian wine banned | Managing | Strategy | Canadian Business Online

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I regularly bring Georgian wine back to France and my colleagues here are stunned by the quality.” As the local toast goes, “Gaumarjos!”

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Why Red Wine Is Good for the Heart

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Certain traditional wine-making areas in Sardinia and the Republic of Georgia are areas noted for their high number of centenarians and researchers have established that the wines have a higher polyphenol content than most. The reason seems to be that the vineyards are at higher altitudes, possibly affecting the levels of UV light the grapes are exposed to. Australian wines for example, from grapes grown at low altitudes, are not as high in polyphenol content.

Not everyone wants to drink wine, however, luckily there are other sources of these compounds that one can drink; green tea, pomegranates, honey and cocoa are good alternatives. The chocolate manufacturing process tends to destroy polyphenols so chocolate only contains about 5% of the original amounts. Fresh cranberry juice is as good as red wine but the juice sold in shops has lower levels than fresh cranberry juice. Pomegranate juice is probably the best source.

As a guide to equivalence two glasses (250ml) of red wine should have as much as 10 cups of green tea, six cups of cocoa, four glasses of cranberry juice or one glass of pomegranate juice. Bear in mind though, as already explained, levels vary greatly depending upon the source and method of producing the various drinks. There are of course many food sources – vegetables such as broccoli, celery, onions and cabbage and fruits such as grapes, apples and pears. A healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables will give you a satisfactory intake.

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