Serious color. Serious tannins. Serious acidity. Fun for the whole family! Saperavi translates to “dye” or “paint” is a red wine grape that is named for its dark pink flesh and very dark skins. Originally from Georgia, the land that puts this grape on the map along with Rkatsiteli, Mstvane, and Tsolikauri is the Kakheti District of Georgia. In the days of the Soviet Union, Georgian wines were generally thought of as the jeweled crown and it has been said that the land of Georgia Europe’s oldest wine-producing region has been producing wine 7,000 to 9,000 years!Saperavi especially the dry tends to have a barnyard, cinnamon, cigar box, soy-sauced mushroom, gamey-plum thing going on, with a sledge hammer of tannins and a lower PH medium-plus acidity. It can be brilliant for By-The-Glass programs because some will last for days! And with the right amount of serenading to sleep and nightly brushing the bottles “hair”, these wines can age upwards of 50 years, though most fade at 6 – 10 years. The 3 common styles are Saperavi aged 1 year or less, Kindzmarauli aged 2 years, and Stalin’s favorite wine Mukuzani aged 3 years or more. Also seen are Napareuli and Akhasheni. Though, I’m still looking… I’ve never found e

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