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arming a small concentrated plot of land in the small village of Tsaraphi, like so many of the other boutique winemakers, the team plant strictly indigenous grapes and are constantly striving to improve their technique. Currently ‘Our Wine’ produces two styles of white including an incredible interpretation of the Rkatsiteli grape, the most important white grape variety in Georgia. They also make one red from the Saperavi grape, arguably the most famous Georgian varietal. “Each year is completely different”, says Soliko, “we are constantly learning, altering and hopefully improving our wines. This year growing conditions were excellent and I think we have produced the best wines so far, especially the orange wine, but we can still improve.”

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Qvevri | Qin Xie

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it’s impossible to deny the vibrancy of the fruit and natural sweetness of the wine. And there’s really few phrases which would describe that feeling well, except perhaps “the overwhelming sense of being alive”.Is it just because it’s a natural wine? Having tasted a sizeable selection of other natural wines and non-qvevri Georgian wines, I’m not so sure. There was definitely something about the qvevri which gave the wine its special characteristic, unrepresented anywhere else. Perhaps that’s why qvevri wine production has gained increasing popularity outside of Georgia with Josko Gravner in Italy being one of the most well known amongst the international wine crowd. Sadly, production and export is so limited that it’s extremely rare to find qvevri wines for sale.

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Tony Aspler’s notes from the International Qvevri Wine Symposium.

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In the evening, to the courtyard of the Georgian National Museum for the opening ceremonies of the symposium. We’re greeted by a group of singers performing traditional polyphonic music – a kind of local barbershop quartet times two. The symposium is underwritten by the United States. The US ambassador to Georgia John Ball says, in his opening remarks, “Nothing important in Georgia happens without wine.

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