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We, the members of “Association Qvevri Wine”, voluntarily unite in a group and adopt the code of conduct, because:

We respect, cherish and preserve for the coming generation tradition of qvevri wine production, which resisted millennia and recognize that it is one of the important agricultural achievements of mankind’s.
We believe that creative strength is embedded in the traditions of qvevri wine production, which will help to overcome the crisis in the field of viticulture and winemaking.
We believe that traditional qvevri wine production and ecology are very close concept, moreover one cannot exist without the other; therefore we agree: to inflict as minimal harm as possible to our vineyards and as well as its surroundings; seek for biodiversity of vineyards; not to use intense systemic treatments, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers; to possibly reduce cultivation using heavy machinery and not to use grape picking machines during vintage.
We believe that wine, fermented and matured in qvevri, should bear the signs of its grape variety, as well as territorial origin. Therefore, we agree to minimally intervene in the process of wine fermentation/maceration. This means not using the substances and methods which change the nature of the wine, e.g.: selected yeasts, acids, enzymes, tannins, extracts, fining agents, reverse osmosis, chaptaliazation, thermal processing, using of sulfur anhydride in the process of wine fermentation/maceration (sulfur anhydride can be used in small doses only during wine aging or prior to bottling) and fine filters at all stages of winemaking (light filtration is allowed only prior to bottling).

Our goal is to pass healthy, vital and fertile vineyards to the future generation, and to give the opportunity to our contemporaries besides enjoying the taste and the flavor of wine, to get the vital energy, which only nature can give.

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