The FINANCIAL – Georgia Aiming to Hold Top Place in the List of Wine Tourism Countries

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“We have a list of the best ‘maranis’ which are already prepared to receive international visitors. The majority of such places are located in Kakheti. But some other regions including Racha, Imereti, Guria, Qartli and Ajara have great potential,” Sidamonidze stated.The list is published on the special webpage There is detailed information about Kakheti, the biggest region of vineyards in Georgia. Information about 16 maranis at Kakheti with all details including price, possibilities of accommodation, Georgian cuisine, souvenir shops and guides are available on this webpage. All necessary information about tour operators is published on this webpage as well. Each tour operator offers their own programme with different services and prices.

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Why Red Wine Is Good for the Heart

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Certain traditional wine-making areas in Sardinia and the Republic of Georgia are areas noted for their high number of centenarians and researchers have established that the wines have a higher polyphenol content than most. The reason seems to be that the vineyards are at higher altitudes, possibly affecting the levels of UV light the grapes are exposed to. Australian wines for example, from grapes grown at low altitudes, are not as high in polyphenol content.

Not everyone wants to drink wine, however, luckily there are other sources of these compounds that one can drink; green tea, pomegranates, honey and cocoa are good alternatives. The chocolate manufacturing process tends to destroy polyphenols so chocolate only contains about 5% of the original amounts. Fresh cranberry juice is as good as red wine but the juice sold in shops has lower levels than fresh cranberry juice. Pomegranate juice is probably the best source.

As a guide to equivalence two glasses (250ml) of red wine should have as much as 10 cups of green tea, six cups of cocoa, four glasses of cranberry juice or one glass of pomegranate juice. Bear in mind though, as already explained, levels vary greatly depending upon the source and method of producing the various drinks. There are of course many food sources – vegetables such as broccoli, celery, onions and cabbage and fruits such as grapes, apples and pears. A healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables will give you a satisfactory intake.

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