Making Wine From Concentrates

I would attest that a knowledgeable amateur, using concentrates or fresh grapes, can produce commercial-quality wine which will compare favourably with store-bought wine costing four to five times as much. In repeated blindfold tastings, not only have home-made wines been preferred to commercial wines of the same types, but the tasters, being informed that one bottle was home-made, have been unable to identify it!Concentrates have the advantage of compactness, ready availability, and convenience of use. These virtues are not, of course, without their accompanying vices; not all concentrates are created equal, and some are simply not very good. It pays, therefore, to deal with suppliers who are known for the quality of their products and who will stand behind them. In addition, they do not last indefinitely of course, fresh grapes have an even shorter “shelf life”. Finally, red concentrates are less successful than whites in equalling fresh grape quality, although more than one expert has been fooled by a red wine from concentrate which has been barrel-aged, and the AWO ’91 Best in Show was a red wine from Concentrate!

via The Amateur Winemakers of Ontario » Making Wine From Concentrates.


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